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However, I wish that they could make their interface a little better. I found it very dull and boring when I used it.

Best IOS spy software for iPhone 8

Further, their pricing model is unbelievably expensive. It seems as if they would give you free goodies if they are charging that high. But no, no goodies. Just the basic features of the app which are good, but not too many. First things first, when I visited the website of the The Truth Spy, I was surprised to find out that their website itself is not secure. It is really a let down when you are looking for someone to trust with your data.

They have a boring website and a boring interface. I hoped that they would at least put some effort there. But well, their keylogger works which gives it a place on this list. However, it has some other downsides to it.

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First of all, it requires you to jailbreak the target iPhone. I know some of you might have dropped the idea of using it at this point alone.

Believe me, I stand with you on this choice. Well, an insecure website, requires jailbroken iPhone, and requires app installation on the target phone. God bless the people who are using The Truth Spy already. But well, if you love thrill and adventure, go ahead and try it out for yourself.

You will only have to shell out thrice the price of Spyic. Copy9 is a decent keylogger app that is aimed for parents and employers.

Structure. Support. Solutions.

Besides keylogger, it has a few other not many features that you can use to monitor the target phone. However, yet the price for this mysterious app is very high.

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They do give you a free trial though which you are welcome to try. Spytomobile is a phone monitoring tool designed for companies to monitor their employees. It can keep a track of the messages, call logs, and location of the user. Though if it is done without their knowledge is a matter for debate. It works on a per day basis. If you calculate their monthly price and compare it with the top leaders like Spyic, Spytomobile would seem like a waste of money.

Especially when you consider that they are useless on the features front.

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When you check out its website, GuestSpy makes bold claims about its services used for catching spouses, protecting children, and monitoring employees. And it can do all of that, but not really to a great extent. First of all, it requires you to download their app on the target iPhone. How far behind is their technology lagging? Makes me feel like they are living a decade behind.

Coming to the features, they are not bad. They have many features to offer. Almost as much as Spyic. However, when we talk about their price, they want you to pay them way high. And that is for the same features that you can get from Spyic at one third the price. And do remember, installing GuestSpy app on the target iPhone might get you caught. So if you have to try it, do it at your own risk. Spyera is again one of those apps that are available for both phones as well as computers.

In phones, it works for Android and iOS. When I checked its features, they were almost the same and in some cases, a bit lacking than its decent competitors. Yet, they require you to pay a very high price for the monthly use of this software.

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And I thought if they are making such high claims, at least they would come with good technology to not require jailbreak or app installation. Oh boy, how wrong was I. It requires you to jailbreak the target device.

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And it even requires an app installation on the target device. I think it is time they open their eyes and look around at what the world is offering. When you are choosing a keylogger for iPhone, there are several questions that you need to ask.

These include:. Most iPhone keyloggers would ask you to jailbreak the target iPhone.

Part 2. How to Spy on iPhone Without Jailbreak

However, if you jailbreak the target iPhone, the user is going to find out you are monitoring them. Not only that, but jailbreak also compromises the security of the device. Therefore, few iPhone spy apps have found out ways to spy on an iPhone without jailbreak.

I would prefer choosing them over the other. I know you might be thinking that physical access is mandatory to spy on the target phone. However, few apps with their cutting edge technology have exploited ways that can spy on the iPhone without having physical access.

To get valuable information, you need to monitor their keystrokes for a longer period of time. I suggest you keep monitoring them always. However, this comes at a price. Since these apps offer paid subscriptions, you should check if what they offer is worth what they cost. If an app has a suspicious website or looks like a scam, it is not a good idea to go through with it. In this case, user base matters as well. If an app is used by many people, it is probably safer alternative than an app which has no user base at all.

You can open them and use them through a web browser on any phone or computer. This means that no app download and installation is required at your end. It keeps the system safe too. Therefore, I will always prefer a web based app than an app which requires me to download their software to view the logs.